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Updated: May 4, 2020

We live in a modern world where everyone consumes gadgets to improve their lifestyle. Technological solutions are helping us to achieve different goals in all aspects of life (mobile apps, tablets, wireless headphones, Bluetooth, Alexa, etc..). Unfortunately, skincare world still old fashion, people apply face cream and expect miracles from this action. Although, the skin's natural barrier is protecting us and doesn't allow deep penetration of lotions and cream, which makes less effective than is expected. Today skincare market goes through a technological revolution where technological advantages can be applied to skincare and make great VALUE for every beauty goal to achieve faster, efficient, and visual results. The face is the most valuable part of our body; we can change clothes, shoes, nails shape and color, hair length, and design, but with our face, we go outside every single day, and we can't change it for something else.

When does the aging process begin?

When we are age 25 and less, our skin has everything that we need: hydration, elasticity, firmness, glow, and a great smooth appearance. After the age of 25, we start aging; all processes are slowing down, skin doesn't renew cells, fibroblast cells become inactive, and instead of producing Collagen and Elastin, we lose it, which cause to wrinkles and fine lines. We go to the beach, and instead of getting a sexy tan, big uneven dark spots occur on the skin's surface – it's because we have thin and dehydrated skin, so melanin released to the surface in the form of age spots and hyper-pigmentation. Let's make an easy example: the iPhone 10, when we buy the new version of the iPhone its fantastic! Works so fast, pictures are in higher resolutions, battery last for all day long, and no matter how many times we dropped it or in what condition we use it – it still works fabulously! But more years we use it, overload it with content, data, pictures, and apps suddenly it's the battery doesn't last at all, apps are stuck and screen freezes and overall it works so slow. When iPhone is slowing down it's easy- we go and buy a new one, but what we do with our face that over the years get aged, wrinkly and doesn't make us happy in the mirror ???? The good news is old iPhone you can't make as great as a new one, but skin works differently – with proper care and aftercare, you can reach skin health and metabolism as great as a new iPhone! How to reverse the clock and benefit from youthful appearance? In purpose to achieve our beauty goals, we need to dig deeper into this fantastic organ named "skin" and understand what it needs to improve its metabolism and overall health. Our skin is built out of 7 layers – we consider the first layer – Epidermis as one (but it's made of 5 layers). Beneath, we have the Dermis and the Hypodermis layers. In the Dermis layer, we have Collagen and hyaluronic acid (Vitamin E), which are responsible for our skin's glow, smooth texture, and balance of the skin. The Hypodermis is the base layer of our skin that contains all our natural fat and blood vessels. It is necessary to have a flesh (fat) to keep it thick and healthy so enough oxygen will get to our different areas of the skin and make sure the aging process will not accelerate. Aging process happens beneath the surface – in the depth of our skin. As we lose Collagen and Elastin, the top layer of our skin gets thinner, causing wrinkles, fine lines, and lack of elasticity on its surface. Additionally, melanin (color pigment) releases itself from the epidermis (to protect our skin from sun damages, UV rays, etc.), and that is how we get age spots and dark patches on our skin. In purpose to reverse the clock, our primary goal: reach the Dermis and create thicker, healthier skin.

How can home devices help?

Home devices reached the market recently; there is a variety of home care devices, and all promise the same: great results! Home devices are designed to imitate the aesthetics work stations that we see in MedSpas and Aesthetic Clinics. They work on a lower frequency and safe for new users; they are an addition to aesthetic treatments and can't replace non-surgical treatments. But, still, it is a great option to upgrade the home skincare routine and do an advanced procedure in the comfort of your house. It is also great because home devices don't expire, you can travel with them, they don't require any specific skincare, and you don't need to book an appointment, drive and look for parking – you can do all in the comfort of your house.

How to choose a useful home device and not just a gadget?

1. Power-based devices are much more efficient than battery operated. It allows for better electrical fluency and a more substantial frequency. 2. Multi technological devices will cover more skin concerns and allow a variety of home treatments 3. If it is an Ultrasonic or Galvanic device, the build-in electrode is essential for skin conductivity. 4. If it's a Led Light device, recommended led bulbs are: infrared and amber red. More light bulbs, better. 5. Intensity levels will allow users comfort and customized approach.

Three leading recommended technologies :

Galvanic Current – Positive and negative ions

Our skin has a bio-electrical field that allows us to heal, renew cells and regenerate fresh, even, and smooth skin. Galvanic current it's an incredible technology that "communicates" with our skin cells and benefit skin goals in 2 ways:

Positive Ion: ION (+) is a deep cleaning mode.

Some of the impurities, gems, bacteria are trapped in the superficial layer of the epidermis, and it's impossible to reach those gems with cleansing products. Our dirt charged negatively in pores, therefore in purpose to attract this dirt, we need a positive magnet. Applying Positive Ion on cleansed, wet skin will create a "suction" and draw all trapped impurities to the surface. For efficient deep cleansing, we need to apply our thumb on the build-in electrode on the device, and this action creating this bio-electrical field and make the communication between the device and our cells. The magnet will attract the dirt and pull it to the surface. This "dirt" is invisible to the human eye (as we cough we can't see all the gems, right?), but has a significant role in our skin sensitivity, breakouts, and lack of healing – therefore we must to "suck "it out.

Negative Ion: ION (-) is deep hydration and anti-aging mode.

Pores are charged negatively in the epidermis, minus, and minus, creating "pressure," applying negative ion on the skin with moisturizer, mask, or serum will push all active ingredients 60% deeper, allowing the skin to regenerate, creating hydration retention and collagen synthesis. To achieve needless deep penetration, we must apply our thumb on the build-in electrode on the device, and this action creating this bio-electrical field and make the communication between the device and our cells.

Sonic: High Frequency

Sonic technology works on high-frequency electrical impulses; those impulses are passed into the deepest layers of our skin and reach facial muscles. We have 43 facial muscles. Facial muscles overwork and get loose, short, and shrink. Expression lines surface on our skin from over usage of the muscles. That is why we get loose skin and deep expression lines. The muscles are built of proteins - Elastin is a type of protein from which our face muscles are built, once electrodes activate and stretch the muscles, Elastin is released and determines the face's contour improving the appearance of jowl line, firms and tightens the skin. Sonic is a face gym exercise that not only benefits skin's appearance as firmer, smoother, and glowing skin. It's also educating our muscles to "remember" these exercises, which allows us to benefit from long last results.

Example: When a person is losing weight, if its only healthy diet, the pounds shade away, but skin looks loose, stretched, and dull. When a healthy lifestyle combined with exercises, then pounds shade away, and skin appears tightened, lifted and firm. Elastin is released once muscles are stimulated.


Red light LEDs were used by NASA to grow lights for plants in space in the 1990s. The LEDs were ten times brighter than the sun, so they sped up plant cell metabolism and photosynthesis. In the late 1990s, someone got the brilliant idea to try red LEDs on human skin. Sure, enough, they discovered that red light helped human cells grow faster. LEDs were tested as a treatment for damaged and irritated skin caused by acne, rosacea, psoriasis, age spots, wrinkles, and even cancer.

Red light LEDs are usually combined with infrared and amber light LEDs in a device made for treating the skin. Infrared isn't visible to the human eye. Red, amber, and infrared light waves are longer than other colors and penetrate deeper into the skin. Red light reaches about 1/3 of an inch deep, and infrared goes about an inch down into the tissue. Led light, it penetrates through the epidermis and into the Dermis to reach the collagen fibers.

These lights stimulate skin cells to grow faster; skin rejuvenates, looking younger, and feeling softer to the touch after treatment. Collagen and elastin production speeds up, so your skin fills out and feels more elastic and firmer. Redness and swelling decrease because your skin circulates more blood.

Can red light Therapy cure acne?

Red light therapy is often used together with blue light therapy to treat acne. Blue light kills acne bacteria, and red light helps the skin heal. For best results against acne, combine the two types of treatment.


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