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Updated: May 4, 2020

I'm working in the skincare industry for dozens of years. During my beauty career, I had an opportunity to try every possible skincare product, to participate in skincare production and clinical studies, to research and register patented and rare ingredients. Based on my experience, I'm confident that Caviar is, by far, one of the most amazing innovations in the skincare world.

Caviar is known as a fancy food in worldwide Michelin restaurants, it's a tempting dish that always served in ridiculously little amounts, and I've never met anyone who's had a real chance to eat lots of it! But Caviar is much more than an expensive spoon of food; it's a superb ingredient that is worth every penny! While it's treated as an "expensive spoon of food," no one ever wondered where it came from? Why it's so rare? But the most important, what are the benefits of these "fish eggs" and why "fish eggs" have so many benefits?

Why it’s so rare ?

Caviar is Sturgeon fish eggs. The sturgeon is a fish in which reproduction and birth are done in rivers. It needs deep and rapid waters with high oxygen levels to spawn, departing after birth to the sea. The number of eggs generated by each female depends on its age and size, but it is around 2 million eggs. The sturgeon spawns only every two years, and for this reason, the eggs are so rare. A single ounce of Caviar contains 2520 eggs. Thus, each female sturgeon will give approximately 50 lb of Caviar, only every two years. Caviar is the second high-priced product in the world only after saffron.

Where it came from?

Sturgeons are one of the oldest species of our planet, as they have existed for over 200 million years. In nowadays, it is at high risk of extinction due to the illegal catches in Iran and Russia. CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species) has prohibited the exports of wild Caviar, permitting only the one coming from fish hatcheries. Traditional legal fishing of sturgeons is allowed. In history, the United States was one of the significant caviar producers worldwide.

What is Caviar Benefits?

Caviar is a superb addition to skincare and an especially great agent for mature, aged, and dehydrated skin. · Proteins: Boost both essential proteins collagen and elastin for skin's appearance, health, and moisture. · Threonine: Participates at collagen and elastin formation · Leucine: Acts at the wound healing processes · Arginine: Improve collagen synthesis · Serine: Natural moisturizing agent. It is present at the skin metabolism process, promoting cell renewal. · Lysine: Cell's repair actions. Participates in collagen synthesis · Alanine: To re-energize the skin and supports the healing process · Glutamic acid: Stimulation of cell metabolism · Aspartic Acid: Increases absorption of minerals in the skin such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. · Calcium: Reinforces cell membranes to retain the moisture and improve skin's health and metabolism · Selenium: Free Radical protection – Reduction of the aging process · Magnesium: Speeds up Calcium absorption in the skin and helps stabilize any hormonal imbalances in the skin (acne, melasma, breakouts).

Why it has so many benefits ?

I want to share a personal story. When I was eight months pregnant with my baby girl, I met one of my colleagues from the previous job that I haven't seen for a couple of years. After a casual conversation, she asked me, "Is this a girl?" I replied, "yes! How did you know?" and then she replied: "because the girl always takes all the beauty from her mother." I know, I know it sounds horrible, but it's a logical statement. When we are pregnant, our body will take the best from our self and transfer it to the baby's development. We suffered during the pregnancy from vitamins and minerals deficiency, our hormones go crazy, because our body was in massive production of all baby's needs. Even our facial pigmentation that we hate so much is there for a reason. It is due to the creation of Melanin – the hormone that defines skin, hair, eyes, and lips color of our child. All hormones, amino acids, peptides, vitamins, minerals, and everything goes to our baby that is growing inside our own body. Child creation it's a real miracle, and it's a very sophisticated and incredibly fantastic process. So, why is Caviar a superb ingredient? Because it is a sturgeon's baby and it has EVERYTHING that baby needs for healthy development: Amino acids, peptides, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients! Every time I apply a caviar moisturizer, serum, and mask, I feel like I replenished my youth to bring back all the components I need to benefit from youthful and healthy skin. Caviar is a precious ingredient where not much is required in purpose to benefit from this vitamin cocktail that is much needed after two kids. 😊

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